Bare Essentials: Rochelle Rao

Bare Essentials: Rochelle Rao

You were born and brought up in Chennai, what do you love about the city? Any favourite childhood memory you’d like to share with us?

Chennai is probably one of the most underrated cities in the country. It’s not a metropolis where you would find yourself running continuously from morning to night, like in Mumbai or Delhi. My favourite memory as a child in Chennai would be picnics by the beach. When we were kids, a couple of our family friends with their children would pile up into cars and head down to the beaches. We used to enjoy our time, make a bonfire and spend the day swimming, running, and playing around. I will always cherish those memories.


Your love for dance has not been hidden from us and you have not failed to impress audiences with your moves. How was your journey in Nach Baliye?

I have always enjoyed dancing and I used to do ballet as a child. As an Anglo Indian, I think dancing is just a part of our culture. My mom taught us how to dance when we could barely walk. I think it’s very different to love dancing and to do it socially. However, it’s a very different thing when you get to be on stage and perform choreographed numbers, and Nach Baliye was definitely a huge challenge in that regard. It’s not easy at all, but having said that, I think I really enjoyed the journey, I learned a lot about myself, about dance, and I explored new avenues with my partner as well. The joy of seeing your performance after you have done it and realising that you actually accomplished what you set your mind to is a really euphoric feeling. 

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