Crowning Glory: Lopamudra Raut

Crowning Glory: Lopamudra Raut

A beauty queen in the day and age of heroines. A survivor in the times of difficulties. Lopamudra Raut is a household name today, thanks to her stint on popular reality television shows, but the former pageant winner's accomplishments were of a completely different dimension initially. This electrical engineer first turned heads when she represented India at a beauty pageant in 2016. The audiences were swooned by her chiselled legs and tan glow when they caught a glimpse of her on television. But before Lopamudra could move on to achieving another feat, destiny drove her inside the Bigg Boss10 house, leaving her to fight for survival in a place with 15 strangers. As expected she came out strong, bold and fierce who took her to stand for what is right and condemned delinquency. She chats with us candidly about her desires, fantasies and her fitness mantra. Edited excerpts from our conversation with her.

What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?
Whenever I used to be in front of a camera and my father would click a picture of me, I would start behaving like monkeys. Even today when I flip through my photo albums, I keep on thinking why did I ever do that and what was I thinking. It is indeed hilarious.

How did the switch from electrical engineering to modelling come about?

While pursuing my electrical engineering, I used to get a lot of compliments from people. My friends and senior members from the industry had recommended that I should try out for Miss India. They said you have a good body and a pretty face, but somehow it never came from within. I was always told by other people that you can do better than engineering and that you are worth it. And that positive energy made me feel special, after which I would stand in front of the mirror and think, you know, why not? Let me just give it a shot. Since so many people motivated me, maybe I should try out for pageants.

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