Young Eyes, Vintage Heart: Nupur Sanon

Young Eyes, Vintage Heart: Nupur Sanon

What is keeping you busy these days?

I’m working on myself right now. I’m doing a lot of acting workshops, attending learning dance, and working on how to be fit.

Is there any special way a man can woo you instantly?

By genuinely listening to me, and by sincerely maintaining eye contact. I feel it’s really important.

The most sultry pickup line ever used on you?

Pickup lines are not sultry at all, I have quite terrible ones on my list though. There were particularly two pickup lines that I recently received on my Instagram DM. The first one was “Hey, my name is so-and-so, but you can call me tonight.” The second one I actually liked, a little lame, but it said, “Are you wi-fi because I’m feeling a connection.”

What is your biggest turn-off?

I don’t like people who are very superficial. Similar to show-offs who are only focused on their outward appearance. That’s definitely shallow and a big turn off for me.

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