Mansi Srivastava- FHM Diva Next Door


FHM: Hi, Mansi. What are you up to these days?

Mansi: Up to something really good I’d say (laughs)! Of late, I was house hunting, so there were some hectic days!


How different do you find working in a web series than regular TV soaps?
It’s the same for me. Both mediums involve acting and I love to act. I feel that TV is still stuck to the saas bahu drama. But in web series, we get to play different real life roles and it involves real life situations which is quite refreshing.




In Big F you are playing an aspiring footballer. Do you like football? Who’s your favourite player?
To tell you the truth I played football for the first time while shooting for BIG F (haha). It’s a difficult but interesting sport. I got the best tan of my life (haha). I loved playing football and it was really good to portray the role of a Haryanvi girl who fights against the society to pursue her dream of becoming a footballer. My all-time favourite is David Beckham.


Do you have an account on Netflix or Amazon Prime? What series are you watching these days?
I have an account on Netflix and Hotstar. I’m a diehard Game of Thrones fan and desperately waiting for the next season. I’m currently hooked on to This Is Us on Hotstar. If you guys have time, do watch it.



We definitely will. Why do you think Chandigarh doesn’t have sector 13?
Maybe the Chandigarh administration was really inspired with aircraft manufacturers, even they don’t have row number 13 in any aircrafts (laughs). You know I think that they just didn’t want to give any property or space to ghosts for free (haha).


Being a 90s kid what do you miss in this decade?
I desperately miss the simplicity of life. Our lives are getting more and more complex every day with so many new gadgets coming around. Our lives are now surrounded by so much of electronic stuff that we don’t even have time for people around us. It was so simple back then when we just waited for a kulfiwala to come every afternoon and that was our source of happiness.



You love painting. Have you uploaded your paintings or sketches somewhere that your fans can go and check out?
No, not at all. I’m not that great of a painter. It is better that they remain hidden for no one to see but me. I just paint whenever I feel a little low, and to my surprise, paintings also turn out to be below my expectations.


Did you face any problem during demonetisation? Did you have to stand in the queue for your money?
Not really! I had to stand in the queue just once throughout the exercise. And it was quite fun because everybody was really cool about the whole situation and cracking jokes about it.


What did you study? Do you like reading books?
I studied commerce in high school and then graduated in history and political science. After that theatre and acting completely took over my heart and brain. I like to read a lot of fiction novels.


What is the weirdest sexual fantasy that you’ve heard of?
(Haha) You know I read somewhere that a couple wanted to make out in their parents’ bed. Weird, wasn’t it?


Yeah, we’ve heard worse. What does a guy need to do to spend an evening with you?
He should be able to impress me with his humour and wit. There should be something sexy about him that attracts me to spend time with him.


What are the things that you’re addictive to? Chocolates and teddy bears don’t count.
(Laughs) Chocolate and teddy bears will be the last things on my list. I’m addicted to my work and watching movies or TV series.


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