Television actress- Daljeet Kaur


Hey, Dalljiet. You seem to be quite into numerology. Is that the reason for the extra ‘L’ in the name?

Absolutely! I believe that when things go right we don’t look for anything else, but it’s when things get a bit shaky we tend to look for something to lean on that can make them  right. I only believe that as long as you don’t hurt anyone, it’s OK to have these beliefs. And I do believe that things have got better since I have added the extra ‘L’ in my name.


"If I’m convinced about something, you will be surprised at how soon I can execute it."  

As the television’s favourite girl, have you ever thought of getting into Bollywood?
I would love to do that. I am very lucky to have had such an amazing journey in the TV industry so far and as long as I get to be in front of the camera, doing good work, that’s all that matters. But hey, who wouldn’t want to see oneself on the big screen? I hope I debut on big screen with an amazing role soon.


What’s the latest show you are doing on TV these days?
I just finished a show called Kaala Teeka successfully sometime back. Now I am looking forward to a new show which is going to be very exciting. I always get eager when a new journey is about to begin. So let’s see what’s coming next.



You’ve transformed a lot. What’s the fitness secret?
A strict diet and a regular exercise regime (haha). You know, it’s about changing your lifestyle as a whole. I strictly say no to junk food and my food has more protein and less carbs. And hitting the gym helps for sure.


We don’t know much about you as a person. Enrich us, please…
I am a total chatterbox and a very transparent person. What you see is what you get out of me. I can’t fake emotions and I only end up being friends with utterly earnest and honest people. I’m a total family person and I love being a mother. I have realised my strength as a woman after experiencing motherhood.


What’s your most embarrassing moment on the sets?
Oh, this one is really embarrassing! You know, once I fell asleep while in a scene because I had to act like I was sleeping and the bed on the set was really cosy. And after an extremely hectic day, I was very tired. The whole team had fun as they didn’t wake me up for a long time and instead got busy clicking my pictures and posting them on Snapchat. When I finally woke up on my own, I too was in splits with them.


Are you a shopaholic? Where do you like to shop?
Yeah, I’m a total shopaholic. For me a label doesn’t hold a lot of importance. I can enjoy street shopping as much as shopping from big brands. As long as I have the time and energy. You will see me offer very convincing reasons to go shopping. And for all you know, I can convince you too and you will be left broke (haha).


Any plans of going to your favourite holiday spot anytime soon? We will try not to follow.
(Haha) you guys are more than welcome to join me. I am totally a people’s person. I have travelled around the world and most recently I was in Bali and totally loved the hospitality. I went crazy shopping there. I saw some exquisite beaches. The locals are very friendly and joyous.


Is there a chance for a stranger successfully asking you out for a date?
Umm, depends! If he is witty, chivalrous and has a good sense of humour, I might go!


What are the things that attract you in men?
I really like men who smell good. A good sense of humour will be a good icebreaker for me. And then if he is intelligent, well, he definitely has a good chance!


What’s your idea of a fun date?

Well, I think a secret getaway planned within an hour and executed in another hour will be good fun. I am an extremely spontaneous person and love to have someone who can plan a trip out of nowhere to wherever.


What’s the most romantic date you’ve had?
I think going to Mt. Buller in Australia was quite memorable. We were staying in a hotel which was surrounded by snow and that just took my breath away. We went skiing too and I bruised myself falling at a drop of a hat. That was not so romantic, though (laughs)!


What’s that one thing you did in the past that you wish you could undo?
Nothing! I think everything in life happens for a reason and that experience leaves you much stronger. I live with no regrets and only try not to repeat my mistakes. I try to learn from them instead.


What quirky habit do you have?

Being too spontaneous in life, I think. If I’m convinced about something, you will be surprised at how soon I can execute it.


And what’s that one habit you’d like to get rid of?
Trusting people too quickly, may be! It’s so important to take a step back and take time to understand people.


Two things that you’d want to change about yourself?
To be less transparent and not to take decisions so quickly!


If you could jump into a pool of something, what would it be?
I would jump in the pool of happiness and good karma with my family. And happily swim through it all my life.


Do you like the idea of drunk dialling? Who would be the person you’d call?
Oh, absolutely! I think I’d call my best friends and blabber everything they already know (haha). I know they will have a patient ear for me even if I’m repeating my gossip to them.


Do you have any phobia?

Yeah, I have the phobia of heights. I have tried to conquer it by doing scenes which were action oriented and on scary heights. I don’t think they have helped though (haha)!


What do you think you look sexiest in?
Isn’t it better to ask the guys around me? And make sure that you tell me what they feel!


What’s the sexiest dress you have owned?
I recently lost about 30 kgs and I haven’t felt this fit ever. So when I went to Bali, I picked up this very hot dress which is black and super short with blue and green tassels all over. I think sexy is not about showing it, but feeling it from within.


Are you a fan of pickup lines?

Nope. Strictly not. Find a witty way to approach me instead.


Has a guy ever used a pick up line on you?
Oh, yeah! Once a guy came up to me and said, “Is your name summer? It has to be because you are too hot!” And I was like, “What! Where is the door?” (laughs)


What’s your favourite cuisine? What place would you recommend for it?
I love sushi and I think everybody must, at least once, try Kofuku in Bandra, Mumbai.


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