FHM Diva - Shehnaz Tresury

FHM: Hey, Shenaz. What are you up to these days?

Shenaz: Hey! I just moved back to India after spending 7 years in New York. I was acting there. Now I’m ready to come back to my home country and work more here! I’m also travelling the world. Made a conscious decision to explore the world as much as possible and document it. They now call me a travel influencer. And I blog my travels on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Meet me there (winks)!



We recently saw the teaser of Kaalakaandi and it looks a mad ride. Tell us more about it…

It sure is! It is one crazy night. Its 3 stories that come together on one crazy night. You’re going to get out of the theatre and want to do something wild.


What are you doing in the movie?

My character is a really fun girl who knows what she wants. She loves to party, she loves men, she lives her life to the fullest and takes lots of risks. She lives on the edge. It was fun playing her. The night you see her in the movie, it’s her birthday and the night just gets crazier than you can imagine.



You have been a part of our lives since we were growing up. Do you feel old in this industry?

I was a teenager on MTV and grew up being on TV. I feel fresh in the industry as I am always coming and going and doing different things. I’ve lived all over the world. Also I never went full on into Bollywood and kept doing different things. Coming back to India now makes me feel like I’m starting my career all over again. Fresh and new. Like a virgin (winks).



MTV is more about reality shows now. Do you miss the good old MTV shows?

I watch everything online now or on YouTube. Check out my YouTube channel if you miss the old MTV (haha).


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