People come out in support of Kangana, Manikarnika

In spite of opening to rave reviews from both critics and audiences alike, it seems that Bollywood isn’t too keen on Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika. Steeped in controversy even before the filming was complete, Ranaut’s directorial debut has amassed over 115 crores in its first week, making it the highest grosser of the year thus far, and well onto the path of being one of the best box office performers of 2019.

On being apparently snubbed by Bollywood, Kangana, being her true self, has lambasted the industry in a number of interviews and also stated that she will be exposing the entire industry for its hypocrisy and double standards.

Earlier, the star also called out Alia Bhatt, stating that she should grow a spine and not be blindly loyal to Karan Johar.

People meanwhile, cannot seem to get enough of the star’s performance, singing praises for the film. Twitterati seems to be very keen on proactively campaigning for the film.


Although most people who are supporting the film have Kangana’s performance and the film itself in their purview, some of them are seeing this in the larger context of who Kangana is and what her presence in the film fraternity actually represents.


In contrast to the rest of the film fraternity, Anupam Kher tweeted out his support for the actress and the film, saying:


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