Bye - Bye! Mr. Bartender

This robotic bartender is set to conquer the world. It is small, versatile, can infuse bitters, and has a menu that can make about 300 different drinks. How does it do that? Well, it has six pods on the sides which you can fill with your chosen alcohols and liquids. It electronically tags these pods and with the magic of wifi and, the Somabar app on your phone, gives you options of all the drinks you can make. What is really impressive is that it mixes and dispenses the cocktail in less than five seconds from pressing a button. More over it also has an option for user created cocktail concoctions. So now you can enjoy your own favourite cocktail whenever you want.

The app of this product looks really great too. It has garnishing instruction and customizable option. So you want a little more tequila in that Margarita? All you need to do is adjust the quantity of alcohol in the app and, you get the quality cocktail of your own choice with the desired strength.


Unlike other products in this category, the Somabar is worldwide compatible. The makers of this robo-bartender are making two versions, one in 110v and the other in 220v. It is also pretty compact and well designed, just measuring 19”x11”x15”. The pods also fit snuggly around the gadget reducing the ever-present possibility of breakage.

Cleaning this device is also a breeze. The Somabar has an automated flushing system which runs after making every drink. So it is never dirty and every drink tastes fresh. The pods on the side are also easily removable, portable, storable and even dishwasher safe. This automated bartender is available for delivery anywhere in the world for $399 that is `2,6000 approximately from their Kickstarter page. That is $100 less or `6,500 than their pre-order price.


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