Guys, know what your drink says about you

Believe it or not, whatever drink you order, sends a clear signal about your personality. All these drinks are common but there are some concealed truths about them which certainly not most of you know.


When you enter the bar with your bae, whatever the first drink you order is something that makes you relaxed throughout the date night. So, whatever you drink will delineate your personality and your mood. Here’s a list of drinks compiled by FHM India which can help you to know your date’s mood.



Bud Light: This drink reflects that you possess laid back and easy going nature. And if your date orders this then beware boy, she knows how to hang out with other guys.



Martini: If you order this then you are definitely trying to impress your date. But if your date orders this then she is a ‘hot mess’. It means the dirtier, messier and most of it hotter.



White wine: If you order this drink it means that you are just giving a company to your date or probably not in a mood to drink. If your date orders this, then she is quite a decent girl.



Neat whisky: Regardless of gender, you simply are hot.



Long island ice tea: If order this drink, you might have drinking issues. But if your date orders this drink, it means she wants to have good night with you.



Vodka with tonic: Regardless of you gender, you are classy and stylish.



Rum: Be it a man or a woman, rum lovers are big time life lovers.



Mojito: Anyone who orders this is bit uptight at the moment and need some relax time during date.


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