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Quench your THIRST

What is warm weather without a cool drink in your hand? We are here with some exciting options. Try our favourites and thank us later.



• 1 Apple
• 60 ml whiskey
• Infused water
• Ice cubes
• Salt


• Peel 1/4th apple slice and crush without wasting its juice. Put it in the small glass mug.
• Add whiskey, half cup infused water and ice cubes in the mug. Stir it well.
• Cut 2 pieces of apple and put it into the mug and sprinkle salt on the edge of the mug for fine garnishing. If available, add mint or any green garnishing to make the drink more appealing.
• Enjoy your leisure time with your infused apple drink.



• 1/6 vodka
• 1/6 blackcurrant
• 1/3 cider
• 1/3 lager


• Pour the lager into a tall glass followed by the cider.
• Then drizzle the vodka along with the blackcurrant juice.



• Candy floss
• Cranberry juice
• Sliced lemon
• Soda
• Vodka
• Ice cubes
• Mint


• Take a transparent shaker. Add 60 ml vodka, 100 ml cranberry juice and 20 ml soda. Shake well.
• Take a cocktail glass, put one packet of candy floss, then pour the vodka mixture into the mug with crushed ice. Stir lightly.
• Add mint and lemon slice on the top of the glass for garnishing.


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