The Attacking Midfielder: Ángel Di María

The Attacking Midfielder: Ángel Di María

You are the most expensive player in EPL History (98 million dollars) how does that feel?
I don’t think much about the transfer fee – that is only relevant for people in charge of the clubs. I am just pleased to be at one of the biggest clubs in the world at Manchester United – and want to help them win many trophies. I came here to win trophies – and that is what I believe we will do.

There has been a lot of criticism aimed at Manchester United – how can you deal with that as a team?
This club is used to winning trophies every season – but of course, there have been many changes in the team. With change there comes time to adjust – but with the coach and players we have at the club, I think things look very bright for the future.

Can you win the league this season?
I want to believe we can – but the coach has told the players, we can win again within two seasons. He is very confident in the project – and all the players are very confident in him. 

There have been accusations that Manchester United have spent millions on world class attacking talents like yourself and Falcao – but have not addressed their defensive problems?
We trust the coach – and I think all the players that came in the transfer window added to all the top quality players that were already here. I am sure that the coach wants to make more additions to the squad – but you cannot expect everything to be sorted in one window. 

How different is playing in England than playing in Spain?
They are of course both top quality leagues – but I think it is a more intense pace in England. The opposition doesn’t allow you as much time on the ball as they do in Spain – and it is also more physical. 

How important is the Copa America how important is this tournament for you as a player and for your country to get a great result?
It is very important that we try and win it next summer. We came close to winning The World Cup final – and winning the Copa America would not make up for that – but it would be great for the players and the fans. It’s still a long way away – and the focus at the moment is on having a successful season with Manchester United – and making sure that we get back to playing in The Champions League – where this club belongs. 

At what age did you know you wanted to be a professional soccer player?
My parents tell me that I started playing football at 3. It is all I ever wanted. I never thought about doing anything else – this was always the dream for me.

How many languages can you speak?
Well, obviously Spanish – and I speak good Portuguese because of my time at Benfica. My English is not good yet – but I am taking lessons and hope to improve quickly.  The coach wants all foreign players to learn English – and I agree that is the way it should be. 

What is on your iPod at the moment?
I like a lot of traditional Latin music from Argentina – but I also really like RnB. Before a game, I like to listen to artists like Jay-Z and Drake. 

Football is getting more popular in India – how important is that?
India is such a big country that I am really encouraged that it is becoming more popular. I hope in the next 5 years we see not just more of the Indian people watching football – but also playing it themselves.

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