Brilliance In A Kick: Mario Gotze

Brilliance In A Kick: Mario Gotze

FHM: So, you won Germany the World Cup, after 40 years. How does it feel?
Mario Gotze: It still feels like a dream – to score the winning goal in a World Cup final, in those circumstances, I don’t think it will ever seem real. You dream of it happening – but, I don’t know if you really believe it ever will.

FHM: Scoring a goal in the 113th minute of extended gameplay is unheard of. What was going through your mind when you came on as a substitute?
Mario Gotze: You understand how big the occasion is, but you try and block it out. It is The World Cup final, but you have to try and treat it like a normal game. I knew there would be some tired players out there, and I wanted to try and make the most of that.

FHM: In your initial days, you were compared to the great Lionel Messi, possessing the same skill set, and today you are being compared a tad better than him. What are your thoughts on this comparison?
Mario Gotze: I think Lionel is one of the greatest players – all that he has achieved is incredible. I am just trying to be me though, improve myself and my game – I never concentrate on comparisons. 

FHM: You were substituted sporadically throughout this World Cup, which might have got you under immense pressure. Do you think you should have been given more chances on the field?
Mario Gotze: I think when you are playing for your country, and with a squad as strong as Germany’s, you have to realise you will not be playing every minute of every game. Everybody trusts the coach, and when he asked me to play or come on, I made sure I was ready and did my best.

FHM: How are you going to prepare yourself for the next season at Bayern Munich?
Mario Gotze: I have had a vacation and now it is time to focus on Bayern. I can’t just live on the success of Brazil – now is the time to think of success with Bayern. I can think about Germany again when the European Qualifiers come around – but until then it is all about preparation with Bayern.

FHM: What are the ambitions with Bayern this season?
Mario Gotze: Of course to retain the Bundesliga, but also it is a big dream of mine to win The Champions League. When you play for a team like Bayern though – the ambition is to win every trophy that you enter.

FHM: You are the second most expensive traded player in German history. Do the big fees play up on building pressure on you to perform well?
Mario Gotze: That is not something I think about at all. Anything like that is between the people high up at the club. All I think about is training hard, playing my best in games, and success with the team.

FHM: Which player did you grow up idolising? Can you tell us a few tricks you’ve picked up from those players?
Mario Gotze: Being German I am captivated by the way Lothar Matthaus and Franz Beckenbauer played the game – they were both such intelligent players. I think my ultimate idol is Zinedine Zidane. He was the best player in the world, playing with such class and elegance on the field – but off the field, he had a real quiet composure – which is something I want to replicate.

FHM: You, along with your other two siblings are professional footballers. How does it feel when you guys get together? Do you only talk football? Or are there other things you guys pay heap to?
Mario Gotze: I am interested in their careers, just like they are interested in mine. We have other stuff to talk about though – it is not only football. All three of us love music and also we like The NBA and The Miami Heat.

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