Conversation With The Best In Court: LeBron James

Conversation With The Best In Court: LeBron James

If not the Miami Heat, which team would have you been playing for right now and why?

It was a big decision — but it was the right one. Miami had the same aspirations and goals I did — and it was an easy choice in the end.

If given a chance to go back in the past and change one instance/decision of your life, that would be?

I don’t think like that at all — I think you need to view every test, bad decision, or bad experience in your life as a chance to improve and grow.

You keep your social media footprint alive with Instagram and Twitter accounts. Don’t you think that you let your private life let open with the public?

I don’t think that at all. I think in this modern era we are fortunate that we have platforms like that so we can interact with fans. My fans mean everything to me, so it is a great way for me to connect with them on a more personal level.

What’s your fitness regime?

Obviously, I do a lot of fitness work — both on the court and in the gym. If I have one tip for your readers it will be to make sure you constantly stretch — before, during, and after working out. I am a big believer that proper stretching gives you a better workout and also helps prevent injury.

One sport that you would have been associated with if basketball hadn’t happened?

I am already associated with soccer. Obviously — I don’t play it — but I have made investments in Liverpool soccer club. Also with David Beckham buying a soccer franchise in Miami, there might be some opportunities there for me. David is a great guy, and I would love to sit down with him and discuss the possibilities of us working together.

Could you have played another sport professionally?

In High School I was an all-state wide receiver – and I would love to play just one game in The NFL before it is all over.

Out of the two, what would you prefer to be called ‘Michael Jordan of a new generation’ or that Michael Jordan was the LeBron James of his generation’?

I don’t think I like either. MJ was my favourite player growing up — and of course, he is a legend of the sport. I am not trying to compare myself to anybody. It is not about being better than MJ, or Magic, or Kobe, it is about being the best I can possibly be with the talents I have been given. When I retire of course I hope people refer to me as the greatest NBA player of all time, but I don’t like comparisons.

In a game, how much of a control over your actions/reactions does a coach hold?

A good coach is everything. Of course, players need to take responsibility for their actions and results themselves — but a great coach prepares you — and we are fortunate to have a great coach.

We know you are a great sportsman and have this uncompromised fighting spirit. What keeps pushing you to go out and do better than your own best stint?

My Mother is a big reason why I am so determined. I saw her fighting spirit in her when I was growing up — and that has been installed into me from a young age. I also don’t like to rest on my achievements. When I have retired I can look back and reflect — but for now, I just want to keep on improving.

You are also friends with Jay Z how did that come about?

Jay is my boy – we both have similar stories. We came from nothing, our talent got us out of where we were, and we both strive to be the best in our respective industries.

Is he your favourite musical artist?

Yeah, Jay is at the top of his game — but I am a big fan of guys like Kanye West and “Lil Wayne” as well. and we both strive to be the best in our respective industries.

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