The Cult Hero: Usain Bolt

The Cult Hero: Usain Bolt

He is faster than those billions of Homo sapiens who wandered the Earth in the past 2,00,000 years. He is the majestic possessor of one of mankind’s most sculpted bodies. But why I’m saying this? He needs no introduction. Usain St. Bolt a.k.a the Lightning Bolt is the cult hero. 

Usain Bolt, a retired Jamaican sprinter is the first person to hold both the 100 metres and 200 metres world records from the time when fully automatic time became compulsory. He also holds the world record as a part of the 4 X 100 metres relay. Because of his supremacy and accomplishments in sprint competition, he is extensively regarded to be the greatest sprinter of all time.

He is not just known for his record-breaking speeds but as I said he also has one of the best physiques on the planet. And if you want to build stability and enhance strength, you need to follow his meticulous training and diet regimen. 

How to Get Gold-Medal Abs

Bolt trains six days a week, twice a day, either working out on the track or at the gym. Do three sets of these moves, adopting Bolt’s schedule of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds rest.

Leg Raises
Lie on your back, legs straight, and arms overhead (for constancy, hold on to bench legs or press your hands against a wall). Raise your legs simultaneously, keeping your lower back on the floor, till your soles face the ceiling. Lower. Repeat.

Side Sweeps
Lie on your right side, left knee bent 90 degrees, crossed over your body and touching the floor. Extend both arms straight in front of your torso. Swing your left arm in 180-degree arc crossways, reaching for the floor behind you. Let your torso to twist along with the movement while keeping your hips facing the opposite direction. Repeat. Next set, switch sides.

Reverse Crunches
Lie face-down on the floor and your hands should be behind your head. Lift your torso off the floor, twisting up and to the right. Relax and return to the neutral position. Lift your torso and twist to the left. Repeat.

Side Plank Clams
Lie on your left side, feet tucked behind you, knees in line with your body. Support your torso up on your left elbow and raise your hips off the ground in a modified side plank. Place your right hand on your right hip. Open and close your knees in adapted clam pose. Repeat. Next set, switch sides.

Training Tips

• To make the first part of a sprint race your strongest element, you should start out of the track blocks swiftly.
• Weight training is essential because you need to build up the power to do well on the track.
• A strong core is vital for sprinting.
• Never rush to get to the top speed. Start out by leaning forward, hold the drive phase for 20-30 meters, and then speed up steadily.

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