Fierce And Fiery: Gauri Sheoran

Fierce And Fiery: Gauri Sheoran

In India, women are generally considered to be the ones handling the household, what was your motivation for getting into shooting as your profession?

My family has never been the stereotype, they have always motivated me to do different things, they are the ones who introduced me to shooting and after a while, I just fell in love with it. My brother used to shoot and it always fascinated me and I always wanted to try and when I did I loved it and then here I am.

At this young age, the diary of your achievements seems quite full. What’s next on your hit list?

That’s very kind. I’ve reached a few milestones in my shooting career of which my dearest memory till date is winning World University Championship -Gold but there is yet a lot to achieve and I hope to work hard for it and go for it. Next priority for me is the World Cup. 

What is it about Haryana that it has been responsible for raising so many sports players, men and women both? It is the blood or the bones?

Haryana has been providing a great infrastructure for almost all the sports and that’s what has helped so many sports players to do well in their respective fields, as of course practice makes perfect. It is both the blood and bones, as you need everything you have got, to win.

What challenges have you come over through your journey from training to being the professional player? How has it been like?

The road to where I’ve reached obviously was not easy as it never is. It was tough to always stay away from home and family, missing out on social gatherings and weddings. Going through the good and the bad times alone, as any sportsperson would but only making one stronger. Going through a bad match always teaches you something, which further helps you to shoot the next one good. 

According to you, what future do women sports hold in India?

If given equal opportunities, women in India can do wonders and even better than men if given a chance. Looking at women in rural areas, it is very tough for them to even think about anything other than household duties but if they get enough knowledge and we could spread the awareness, I am sure they would do great.

Being in a sport which involves physical and mental endurance, how do you train yourself? How different is its preparation from other sports like running?

There has to be a balance maintained, physical and mental training are both very important in every sport, I believe. But shooting specifically being more of a mental game, one needs to train their mind to not get affected by anything during the competition. I do yoga and some mental training exercises to keep my mind in control during the match. About physical training, it is necessary even

Where do you think are Indian players lagging? What are the further scopes of improvement?

Getting the international level of coaches and infrastructure for training would surely help improve the level of sports in India. To make India a sports nation every detail has to be taken care of, best infrastructure, coaches, physiotherapists, mental trainers, nutritionists and any other sports specific training required by any sportsperson.

What would be the reasons if you had to quit shooting if any? What would be the alternate profession of your choice?

When and if I would quit shooting, it would only be after achieving all I want and until I am satisfied. I would definitely pursue fashion as my professional career alternative, I am planning to study fashion abroad! As everything about fashion has always attracted me, makeup, clothes, photoshoots, accessories, styling clothes. It is such a creative field and there are no limits.

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