The Journey Of The Field Since 2013: Virat Kohli

The Journey Of The Field Since 2013: Virat Kohli

FHM: You are already considered as the India’s next captain as such an early stage, how does that feeling sink in with you?

Virat Kohli: It feels great to know that people trust me to lead the team. I’ve had my ups and downs but from day one my motto has been self belief so I backed myself, worked hard and it is overwhelming to have people appreciate that effort.

FHM: At this young age, people often consider you as a temperamental person. What do you do to take charge of things and keep your cool?
Virat Kohli: I wouldn’t say I’m a temperamental person; I’m actually very calm off the field. On the field it’s more of a passion than aggression. I don’t think I’ve ever let things get out of control but I am very passionate about this sport so that’s what you see, if I change that I won’t be me.

FHM: Which has been your toughest opponent team and why?
Virat Kohli: The toughest opponent team would be South Africa because they have a very well balanced team.  

FHM: Which is one country you love playing against?
Virat Kohli: The country I love playing against is England because they are extremely competitive. 

FHM: If not a cricketer then what would have you been?
Virat Kohli: If not a cricketer I would probably be doing some sort of business with my brother or a regular job or something. I haven’t really thought about it.

FHM: You do a lot of commercials for brands. Would you at some point of time want to try out your luck with movies? 
Virat Kohli: I haven’t thought about it. Brand commitments are part of being a cricketer but I’ve never thought of acting as a career. I’m a cricketer, and that is what I love so why would I think about doing anything else. 

FHM: We hear you’re quite a videogamer... What’s your favourite? 
Virat Kohli: My favourite game is FIFA 14.

FHM: Xbox One or PS4?
PS4 because I’ve always had all the versions of Play Stations over the years.

FHM: Being touted as a Delhi brat, what qualities do you take from your home city to your game?
Virat Kohli: Delhi has instilled the qualities of being bold, challenging the opposition and being very confident of my ability. I think that comes from the upbringing and the kind of people I’ve always had around me. 

FHM: You’ve restrained yourself from publicising personal affairs in public. So are you or are you not looking for a girl?
Virat Kohli: Right now I’m focused on my game. Our schedule is packed so I don’t really have the time to maintain a personal life. But when the times right I’d like to settle for someone simple and honest and who values her family like me. Also, a good sense of humour can always move me.

FHM: Decode your fashion style for us?
Virat Kohli: I don’t have a specific style. I wear what I feel suits me and what I’m comfortable in. I don’t really follow trends.

FHM: What is your fitness regime?
Virat Kohli: My fitness regime depends on the time of the season. Between tours and series I follow the bare workout regime. But off season is where I hit it hard and am a regular at cardio and weight training. I believe that a strong core is essential for every sportsperson and therefore I work on it without fail.

FHM: Any plans on getting more tattoos?
Virat Kohli: Maybe. Tattoos are something that are very dear to me as they define me as a person and reflect my personality. However, one needs to know how to carry them off without appearing to come across as loud.

FHM: According to you what makes a person a great sportsman – his talent or his temperament?
Virat Kohli: The temperament is what makes one a good sportsman. Many players are overtly talented but they lack the right composure. I feel the right temperament can lead an average person to greatness. 

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