Karun Chandhok

Karun Chandhok

FHM: Hi Karun, I don’t think you are going race past us in the middle of the interaction! How is life by the way?

Karun Chandhok: Busy - but that’s always a good thing. The day you’re not busy anymore it’s bad news!

How do you see your career in car racing till date?

It’s been a rollercoaster for 15 years. Like any other sportsman, there are highs and lows but I feel very proud to have fulfilled my ambitions of racing in Formula 1 and also being the first. Indian to race at the 24 hours of Le Mans.

Which is your favourite car?

An Aston Martin DBS.

Which team would you want to race for in Formula One?

Well, I guess every racing driver dreams of one day driving for Ferrari. How did you get into cars and racing? I come from a family with a background in motorsport and the automotive world. My grandfather and father used to race and have both been involved in the sport for a very long time before I was born so I grew up in an environment surrounded by cars and motor racing. 

So, speed and thrill was always a passion?

I would say that racing, competing, finding the limit of speed and grip has always been fascinating to me and over time I’ve built up a huge amount of passion for the sport. My wife still can’t understand how I can spend a whole day watching racing of all sports on TV.

Was driving for HRT your dream come true moment?

Driving in Formula 1 certainly was a dream come true. I was very fortunate to have my first experience of Formula 1 with Red Bull Racing as a test driver in 2007 and then to become a race driver in 2010 was the culmination of a decade of hard work from my family and me.

Who is your favourite all time racer in F1?

Alain Prost - he’s a four time World Champion and one of the legends of the sport.

Which is the best circuit in Formula One calendar?

I love Monaco as it’s a great challenge to drive on a street circuit but I also like Silverstone in England and Suzuka in Japan.

Do you think that the Buddh International Circuit will make a comeback in the F1 calendar?

I don’t think it will happen anytime soon unless the government changes its stance towards the sport.

What do you think is the future of motorsport racing in India?

Well, the interest is going and there are more domestic racing championships than we’ve ever had which is giving more opportunities to the next generation of drivers. There are more young guys like Arjun Maini and Jehan Daruvalla from India racing internationally as well.

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