Shunning Barries: Mira Erda

Shunning Barries: Mira Erda

Of course! Watching female racers like them racing with all the males out there has always been an inspiration. It makes me want to prove myself, and work even harder to get better. 

How difficult is it to be a girl on the race track? 
Initially it was a bit troublesome. Being the only girl on the race track, boys would push me off track during the race. But, when I started giving them a tough competition it became very easy for me. Now all the guys are really supportive of me and are always there to help me out. 

Some traditional motorsport commentators have said that women’s reflexes are not as fast as men’s. Do you have any words for them?
I don't agree with that. Females are equal to Males. I have better reflexes than some of the guys I race with. It is all about how much you work on your craft, how focused you are and how dedicated you are.

How do you juggle racing with your studies and personal life?
I'm used to it now. It's a very busy life but I enjoy it. I make sure I give equal time to my studies and score good marks. I also give equal time to my personal life too. 

Ready to break stereotypes and conquer the world? What do you think you’ll have to do that?
I'm already doing that. I just want to keep going and going. I still want to push myself out of my comfort zone more, and keep getting the best out of myself. 

How do you stay fit for this seriously competitive sport? 
I spend a lot of time in the gym working on my strength and stamina. I even play soccer in school, whenever I get time. I also go out for runs. 

Who are some of your Indian idols/mentors and how have they helped you?  
Mr Akbar Ebrahim and his son Aarman Ebrahim have helped me out, trained me to improve my driving and racing skills. 

Tell us about some of the awards and accolades you have won so far?
I have been JK Tyre National Rotax Karting Championship 2nd runner up. I won the award for the most promising female racer of India. And recently won the JK Tyre National Racing Rookie Championship last year in Formula 4. 


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