Electrically Inclined

Electrically Inclined

Premium vehicles are often revered and admonished in the same breath, for their excess; whether it is in terms of the build quality, materials used, or even how powerful they are. However, one of the most common problems that almost everyone can agree on is the dismal fuel efficiency they get. Premium SUVs are a further sub-section of this segment and are somehow even more hated; since they negate all the benefits of a high-performance luxury vehicle by morphing it into a heavier, less aerodynamic structure. Thankfully for them, electric drivetrains are the perfect solution for this problem.
While this sub-segment of a sub-segment is still in a nascent stage, there have already been a few launches that showcase exactly what we can expect from premium EVs in the coming future. One of the exciting prospects is the Jaguar I-Pace. You can immediately recognise the car from its striking looks and silent approach. It travels with the help of two electric motors that are mounted on each axle, providing a combined power output of 394BHP, along with around 700Nm of torque. The energy is stored in a 90kWh battery pack that has an impressive range of around 400-450kms. Since it supports DC fast-charging capability, you can get to around 80 per cent charge in just 40 minutes, provided you can find a charging source with 100kW output. Otherwise, you can stick to the standard 240-volt AC unit, which will take over 13 hours accomplishing the same.
However, these figures are just filler, since the real test is that of luxury, which is fulfilled by a comfortable and well-appointed interior layout that features two touchscreens along with an all-digital instrument cluster. The upper portion is around 10-inch in size, which lets you mess with almost everything; while the bottom one comes to about 5.5-inch, and is primarily focused towards climate controls. As expected, there is an option to connect with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, as well as create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. This helps receive the OTA updates that the company sends to each vehicle, with a promise of improved performance. This connected car will soon be selling in a Jaguar showroom near you, for a starting price of around ₹1 crore.


- Audi e-Tron

With an identical design, 400BHP of power, 400-450kms of range, and 200kmph top speed, this car is almost a clone of the I-Pace. The differences include a bigger 95kW battery and support for 150kW fast charging, along with Matrix LED headlights and a dual-touchscreen centre console. This solid piece of German engineering will also make its way to our country this year, with a starting price of around ₹1.4 crores.

- Mercedes Benz EQC

The Mercedes remains one of the most luxurious choices on the list. The interior borrows a lot from the E-class, while the main changes are focused around the powertrain, which produces 408BHP and 760Nm of torque. This gives it an eerily similar range of 450-470kms. Where it does lag though is the relatively smaller 80kW battery, which is limited to 110kW fast charging, so that you can go from 10 to 80 per cent in less than 40 minutes. These specs will cost you around ₹1crore.


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