A Date With Your Dog


If your heart breaks every time your canine friend looks at you with arched eyebrows of sadness every time you leave him alone in the house to eat out, there may finally be some respite for you in the national capital. TabulaBeach 2.0, a magical escape from the constant cacophony of the city’s hustle and bustle, is Delhi's first restaurant to let customers bring their dogs for a fun filled afternoon at the beach. The joint offers free doggie treats in different flavours and a perfect beach vibe, where you and your pooch can enjoy the sun and sand, all under one roof, for he deserves to socialise too!

From lazy 'al fresco' lunches soaked in acoustic music, to spirited dinners in the evenings followed by dancing to some of the most invigorating music, this is a space that transitions across various moods and yet, never compromises its hedonistic soul. TabulaBeach Cafe may have started as just a simple popup restaurant but has now earned its right to being a more permanent and established name in New Delhi's restaurant and nightlife scene.​

What: Doggy Day Afternoons
When: Monday - Saturday (12pm-5pm)
Where: TabulaBeach 2.0, The Village Complex, Asiad Village, New Delhi
Price for 2: Rs 1,800


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