Food Festivals In India

 “The way to a man’s heart runs through his stomach”, so it has been stated from time immemorial. Well, if that’s the case then we’re here to help! If you’re a street-food fanatic or you have a sweet tooth, here are some most go food festivals that will satiate your gastronomic needs for sure!

1. Dilli Ke Pakwan Festival:

Delhi is known for its scrumptious street food and lip-smacking dishes. And when vendors from all across the country are given a commonplace to showcase their love for various cuisines, you know you’ve come to Dilli Ke Pakwan Festival. Be it a local vendor from Rajasthan or a Paan-Vala from the oldest city in the world, Banaras, they’re all there every year! From Lal Roti to Lal Maas, and Jalebis to Chettinaad Chicken, you name it and they have it. The fest has been an annual affair in the capital since 2010 and we sure as hell hope it never stops!


2. Grub Fest Delhi:

It is India’s biggest food fest-so they claim-where a variety of restaurants participate to tickle your taste buds. They not only have some of the scrummiest eateries of Delhi like Smoke-House-Delhi, Shiv Sagar, Sushiya, NYC Pie, Town Hall, et al. They also have a wonderful line-up of artists like Vir Das, Hari & Sukhmani and others playing live at the venue. From foodgasm to eargasm, the Grub Fest has it all.


3. Bangalore Restaurant Week:

Started in 2010, it involves participants of around 75 restaurants and foodies from all over Bangalore. This happens to be the country’s first large scale food and dining festival. It’s a week-long celebration of the culinary scene and the celebration to be proud of the restaurants in the city.


4. Mango Festival Delhi:

For everyone out there who’s a mango addict, this is exactly the festival you need to attend. Held annually, the two-day long festival basically showcases different types of mangoes grown across the country. More than 550! Woaaaaah! The festival also has music and dance performances. It’s precisely an informal and international platform with a two-fold approach- promoting tourism as well as mango exports. Good thing? You can eat all types of mangoes you want!


5. International Cake Fest- Pune:

2014 marked the beginning of this awesome festival in Pune. Everyone out there with a sweet-tooth, this is exactly the place where you’d wanna be. In the first year of the fest itself, surprisingly, 3.5 million people showed up. Guess, we all love sweets a bit too much, don’t we? The two-day celebration of cakes sold various baking equipment and conducted cake workshops. The event, however, didn’t make much noise this year, but thanks to the people who actually showed up, this fest might be one of the most awaited ones in 2016.


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