How To Make Grilled Fish: Kolkata Style

The Recipe

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Ingredients: • Snapper fish: 2

• Green chili: 10 gms

• Curry leaf: 2 gms

• Turmeric: 1 gm

• Tamarind: 20 gms

• Salt: 5 gms

• Lemon rice: 2 portion

• Kachumber salad: 2 portion

• 1/2 tsp ground turmeric

• 1 tsp ground cumin

• 1/2 tbsp vegetable oil For Marinating

• Yoghurt: 100 gms

• Cucumber: 30 gms

• Garlic: 4 gms

• Tahini: 20 gms

• Salt: 4 gms

• Olive oil: 30 gms

• Mint: 4 gms

• Cream: 10 ml

• Butter: 5 gms

Step: 01 Descale and clean the fish.

Step: 02 Cut the fish by separating the head from the rest of the fish and cutting out fillet pieces from the main fleshy body.

Step: 03 Coat fish with the marnination.

Step: 04 Place marinated and spice coated fish fillet pieces on a cleaned banana leaf.

Step: 05 Wrap the fish in banana leaf.

Step: 06 Wrap the whole fish pieces tightly in the banana leaf.

Step: 07 Hold the banana leaf wrap with tooth-picks

Step: 08 Wrapped fish is now ready for grilling on hot pan

Step: 09 Place the piece of banana leaf wrapped fish on a hot pan or grill pan and start seasoning or grilling it for a few minutes

Step: 10 Sprinkle some oil and water on the pan

Step: 11 Turn the wrapped piece of fish over to the other side to cook it evenly.

Step: 12 Open the wrapped fish from one end to check if done

Step: 13 Place the unwrapped fish on the serving plate.

Step: 14 Place the cooked fish on a plate to serve and squeeze lemon juice on top of it.


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