Mango treat!

Homemade Mango Jam 

• Fresh mango pulp – 500gm 
• Sugar – 500gm 
• Cinnamon sticks – 5gm
• Bay leaf – 4 pcs
• Butter – 20gm
• Lemon – 1 pc
• Mango juice – 500ml

In a pot melt butter, now put bay leaf and cinnamon stick. After that pour mango pulp, cook it for 5 mins. Now it’s time to put sugar in the mixture let the sugar dissolve. Now gradually pour mango juice, in the mean time squeeze a slice of lemon. Let it cook for 20 to 25 minutes. Cool jam and keep it in an 0air tight container. Enjoy the 
jam which is without preservatives with the slice of bread or with paranthas.


Mango Summer Salad

• Mango – 200gm
• Mint Leaves – 10gm
• Mix Lettuce – 50gm 
• Onion – 50gm
• Cherry tomato – 50gm 
• Lemon juice – 10ml 
• Chop mint – 5gm 
• Olive oil – 200ml 
• Salt – As per taste
• Pepper – a pinch 
• Honey – 10ml
Cut mangoes in cubes and add onions and tomato. Add some chopped mint leaves to the salad; pour few drops of olive oil and honey. Toss together with salt and pepper. Arrange salad in a plate with mix lettuce and pour remaining dressing on top of it. 
Garnish it with few springs of mint leaves.


Mango Kheer
• Fresh mango pulp – 4 pcs
• Rice – 200gm
• Sugar – 100gm 
• Cardamom – 5gm 
• Dry fruits – 10gm
• Milk – 250ml 
• Mawa – 100gm
Boil rice in milk with cardamom, when rice gets well-cooked put sugar stir well so that sugar dissolve. Now put mawa and dry fruits to the kheer mixture. Mix well now and add mango pulp. Serve cold or hot with the garnish of dry fruits and mango chunks.


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