How 'A Flying Jatt' Made Me Fly Off My Handle

There are times when Bollywood makes me want to cry so badly that I end up laughing. I just saw the trailer of '​​A Flying Jatt' and the question that came to my mind was, 'Why, why​ oh​, ​why, would an actor want to be a part of such a tacky production​?​'. I admit that Tiger Shroff is not an A-lister, in fact, according to me, he is somewhere on the fringes of being a C-list actor, but ​even after that, ​does he really have to sign up for this kind of trash?

Frankly, ​​Shaktim​a​an had a better sense of style than this hurriedly put up klutzy costume that Shroff is wearing in ​A ​Flying Jatt. It was as if the costume designer was aiming to bag the prize for the worst possible get up in the world. Honestly, this trailer makes ​​MSG seem fun and that one really set some high standards for the degree of buffoonery that one can expect from Bollywood.

Also, does every Tiger Shroff movie have to be an ode to his martial arts skills? It's like watching him perform the same fight routines in different backgrounds with different props and different female leads. But well, isn't that what all Bollywood movies are about... same formula, different settings, so can't really blame him for this one.

Another aspect that really got my goat was to find Kay Kay Menon languishing in this piece of crap fest. I have always admired Menon for the kind of roles he has taken​ up​ and for creating a niche for himself. But by doing this one​, ​he has literally made ​a ​mockery of his past work​s​.

Finally let's talk about Jacqueline. What the hell is she up to in this flick​? ​Doing Matrix​-​like moves and mouthing dialogues such as 'Main superhero ko pasand karti hoon', and having to hear the most cliched line, 'You are the one'... ​O​h my god, please kill me right now!

Bollywood, please stop throwing this kind of garbage at us. Have some sensibilities. Have some mercy on us.​ ​And ​Tiger​, just go​ and​ start a martial arts academy, acting is not meant for you​!​

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