Fashion Tidbits

Fashion Tidbits

The fashion world is more interesting, then what you see on the ramp. Here are some facts from this glamourous world that you could never imagine, read on. 

- 17th century was the time when men didn’t wear underwear at all. #ComfortUnlimited 

- 1946 was the year when the bikini was invented, but it was banned in several countries, including Italy after the Vatican said it was a sin. Well, now it is a sin that is soo in. 

- 1907, saw the arrest of a woman on a beach in Boston for wearing a one-piece swimsuit. If only Playboy was published a little earlier, man the trouble they would have faced.

- 80 billion pieces of clothing are consumed globally every year. Well, as the trend of little to no cloth is accelerating, this number surely is astounding. 

- 1970s was the decade when South Korea had an actual fashion police, they would measure the length of women’s miniskirts; if they were too short, women could be fined or arrested. We say our rule, hate the manufacturer, not the product.  

- 1678 saw the release of France’s first fashion magazine, and the plot twist is, it was aimed at men. 
1-in-6 people work in the global fashion industry. Don’t say The Devil Wears Prada is not inspiring, we just got the proof.

- 70 million barrels of oil are used each year to make the world’s polyester fibre, which is the most commonly used fibre in clothes. However, it takes more than 200 years to decompose. Well, who cares about nature, if we have seven pairs of jeans to choose from, right? #NoteTheSarcasm
- 1600s saw a very weird trend and that was pregnancy, which was so fashionable that women would often put cushions underneath their clothes to create a realistic bump. In this era, you need no cushion, just a bottle of tequila and a nasty decision would work just fine. 

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