Gory and Gross

Gory and Gross

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and sometimes fiction is stranger than anything you can ever imagine. We bet you have seen a lot of movies in your life; some have been really great, some absolutely terrible, and some have been so completely strange that after the movie is finished, you stare at the screen in total disbelief. In case you haven’t had an encounter with your share of bizarre movies, we have created a list for you. In our search, we came across some nasty stuff and when we say strange, we mean it.

- A Clockwork Orange, 1971

This movie is nothing if not a perfect cult classic. With an amalgam of dark and disturbing elements, it is undoubtedly not suitable for kids. This movie is filled with violence, nudity and some pretty disturbing images. But having said that, none of these overshines the riveting prospects this movie holds. It is well scripted and well shot, and those who are already a fan of Stanley Kubrick know what to expect. His ventures into the darker and deeper aspects of human behaviour are not new to many, and this is no exception. For those who have yet to watch this film, be prepared for obscure scenes about a young group of troublemakers in colourful, futuristic yet strange Great Britain. Young Alex, a fan of Beethoven, ends up in prison where he volunteers for a controversial experimental program that is supposed to ‘cure’ him of his violent inclinations but the real problem starts when he is released from prison. The characters are easily admired by many people, and if not for that, at least you all will get an excellent inspiration for your next Halloween costume.

- In My Skin, 2002

Everyone has their share of bad habits, but nothing will compare to one that haunts In My Skin’s lead. This French Extremity film was directed by and stars Marina de Van. The story follows Esther, a young woman with a pleasant life and a loving boyfriend. One day she goes to a party with her peers and accidentally injures her leg, and even though the injury is pretty severe, it does not stop her from going out and having fun until the very next day when she goes to see the doctor. Up until now, the story seems pretty obvious and albeit boring, or so you think. After a while, Esther descends into some sort of mental downward spiral in which she gets addicted to picking at her wounds, and ultimately starts to mutilate different parts of her body. Does it get worse? It sure does, as she eventually starts to preserve pieces of flesh that she rips off of herself for fun. Our advice? Watch on an empty stomach.

- Being John Malkovich, 1999

While the picture is fairly mainstream, it is still peculiar in every aspect. Just the thought of having a little portal into another person’s mind is an enticing concept, but to be in the mind of a celebrity, even if it is for fifteen minutes, would be inviting trouble for anyone. What would you do if you could be in the mind of any famous personalities and what if the route to their brain is hidden right there in your working space? We are fans of both John Cusack and Cameron Diaz, and they both play their parts amazingly. From the script to the acting, everything is clever, fun and eccentric. Even the whole set of the office is exceptional. Just picture yourself in a tiny, low-ceiling office, within a confining and claustrophobic area. If not that, just imagine the back pain experienced by the actors after having to deal with a set like that. 

- Eraserhead, 1977
There are many who consider David Lynch as the father of modern weird cinema, and he has numerous films on the list, starting with the 1977 surrealist body horror movie Eraserhead. The film starts off with a man on a planet, pulling some levers in space while the head of Henry Spencer, played by Jack Nance, floats above the clouds. A sperm monster escapes from his mouth and floats away. A perfectly good start to a perfectly weird film. The film has a pretty loose plot, which is considered uncomfortable and disturbing, with one of the most unsettling moments being the appearance of Henry Spencer’s baby. The whole plot comprises of various horror and nightmare elements, but none of them stopped the appreciation this movie received for its precise use of sound and alluring landscapes. 

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