Unusual, Yet Interesting

Unusual, Yet Interesting

Guidance on Your wedding night, Africa
While writing this piece, out of every tradition that we came across, this one definitely felt the weirdest. Tradition is something that has been followed since time immemorial, and even if some of them might sound quirky and funny to the outside world, it is something that keeps the legends alive. However, if we specifically talk about bizarre wedding customs, Africa is full of that. For instance, in some African tribes once the marriage is done the newlyweds are accompanied by the bride’s mother, or any other village elder on the first night. It may seem weird that they do so but the whole idea is to educate the couple on how to spend the night together and what to do. Well, the billion-dollar industry of “educational films” might have to rethink their plots.

The Swedish Kissing Party, Sweden
Couples kissing each other during the wedding is a common practice. But how would you feel if the whole guest list participates? According to Swedish culture, when the bride leaves the room it is a tradition for all the women to line up and kiss the groom, and the same goes for the groom; if he leaves the room, all the men get up and kiss the bride. There is almost always a male friend who also gets up to kiss the groom like the whole idea was not funny enough. So, next time if you get invited to a Swedish wedding ceremony do not be alarmed if you get to kiss either the bride or the groom. Judging by the scenario it almost feels fitting if the priest says, “You May All kiss the Bride”.

The Weeping Brides, China
We always think of weddings as a happy occasion, right? Why else would a couple spend a massive amount on an open bar that will eventually result in all the chachis and mamis trying to sway their hips to the song “Aunty ji aunty ji get up and dance”? However, for the Tujia people in China, marriages are not about laughs and giggles or drunken splits. There is a custom among some Tujia people, for every bride to cry at the wedding ceremony. The practice expresses the bride’s gratitude and love, and in failing to do so, the guests look down on her as a poorly cultured girl. To avoid the embarrassment the brides begin to practice their crying skills a month before the actual wedding. They spend an hour every night weeping loudly. What’s funny is that after ten days of this, the bride’s mother joins the practice, followed by her grandmother and other female relatives. Whatever the case, it is a great occasion to spike up business for tissue industries in China. 

No Bathrooms Allowed, Borneo
What could be your worst wedding nightmare? Passing out? A runaway bride? An ex-girlfriend making a scene just the way Rachel was planning to do at Ross’s wedding? How about losing control of your bowels and bladder? In the case of Tidong tribe of Borneo, it can be a real possibility. They have a tradition that bans couples from using the bathroom for three days, starting with the wedding. This means that the bride and groom have to hold their pee and poop for three days in a row. According to them, upholding these restrictions will bring a fortunate marriage with healthy babies, while failure to do so brings bad luck, infidelity, and more. Well, we don’t know about that, but one thing it sure seems to bring on is a complete defecation disaster. 

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