The scariest, silliest, sugariest night of the year is about to come. Halloween is celebrated on 31st October every year. The diverse activities done in Halloween are generally linked with the thought to get hold of good fortune. And here we present 5 shows you can’t miss to watch this Halloween.



Image result for friends halloween episodeIf you want to feel scary this Halloween or even thrilled but lazy to decide and actually go out in your costume- watching Friends is you’re calling!


It’s always an option to have a fun laugh when everybody around you is spooky and afraid. Remember the episode where Ross trailed Rachel and Phoebe everywhere and appointed somebody to frighten them! Hope that does not give our friends an idea! Also, how can we miss the episode where Phoebe play-acts to be her identical sister! Not something we would use as an alternative even if we didn’t have Halloween outfits.


Watch Friends this Halloween only on Comedy Central.




Ever wonder what it would be like being trapped on your campus post a themed party this Halloween?


Additionally, being trapped with partyers turned zombie because of a funky drink ingredient?


To know more, tune into the drama in such episodes only on Community!


Watch Community this Halloween only on Comedy Central.



Brooklyn Nine-Nine

We surely look forward to the Halloween special episode backed with scaling absurdity which surely makes us break out into laughter!


A throwback to the season 1 Halloween special where Jake wanted to snip Holt’s Medal of Valor. The things that are central to the focus of the bets change every year, furthering the twists.


In season 2, Jack made an attempt to embezzle Holt’s watch, the next season they combined as a team aiming to steal a crown. This cut throat competition intensifies every year, further adding to our entertainment!


Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine this Halloween only on Comedy Central.




It’s refreshing to watch how Super-9 staff gear up for Halloween.


With Glen dressed as a hot dog to Garrett dressing as 007 and Amy as Cleopatra, we wonder what the employees would choose to dress as this Halloween!


Watch Friends this Halloween only on Comedy Central.




As fitting as it is for Lucifer to have a Halloween episode on Halloween, that doesn’t end up meaning that the show’s taking the night off for fun. Lucifer isn’t a killer. He punishes, but in Hell, everyone he punished was already dead. As DevilCop, he loves the idea of the wicked being punished—and he has no problem supporting humans taking matters into their own hands—but he himself doesn’t go around killing people.  This Halloween, explore the dark world of Lucifer only on COLORS INFINITY



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