I would love to play a grey character: Avantika Khattri

From acting to producing movies to a fitness freak, Avantika Khattri has earned her name in the list of versatile stalwarts in the Bollywood. By choosing some specific themes and issues, she has been quite particular to make a specific remark in the industry. Worked with magnanimous people like Anurag Kashyap, khattri has shown precocious traits and surely has a long way to go in the city of dreams.   


Hey Avantika, what are you doing these days?

I have just completed my second short film as a Producer and Director and now developing new scripts with my team of writers.


From MBA to Acting, what led to take such diverse paths?

Our life is categorised into four stages. The first is childhood: imitation, education, and play.


The second stage is early adulthood: self-discovery, enterprise, and adventurousness. The third stage is dedication, contemplation, and benevolence. And the fourth stage is retirement, wisdom, and renunciation.


I feel it’s in the second stage of your life after you have completed your schooling and education that you realise what you really want to do. For me... what I wanted to do, was to be part of the big bad world of Bollywood... the Indian Film Industry! That’s how I ended up here. Hope I really get to see The Stage 3 and 4 of my life as well.


How are you enjoying this winter season?

By walking in the rain! As my city is witnessing the side effects of Ockhi Cyclone.


What encouraged you to start your own production house “Mad Hatters”?

It was my passion to make films! And as I mentioned earlier - in one way or the other I always wanted to be part of the show business.



Tell us about the movie ‘Beautiful World’? Why did you choose this issue?

Beautiful World is based on the incident which happened in July 2016 in UP's Bulandshahr district on the Delhi-Kanpur highway where a woman and a minor daughter were raped by a gang of dacoits.


I chose this issue because when I read about this cruel and gruesome incident in the news, it shook me to the core. After which I was in talks with Anurag Kashyap for producing films. It was then when he made me meet director Shlok Sharma. During the film discussion, Shlok told me that from a long time he wanted to make a film on this issue.


How was your experience while working with Anurag Kashyap?

Anurag is known for making offbeat and realistic Cinema and in real life too he is just that - very real! So working with him was a great learning experience for me and my team.


What do you usually like to wear?

Clothes (haha). On a serious note, I love wearing the colour white or a golden. And I love dresses, more than denim and a shirt. I’m mostly seen in nice flowy and sometimes structured dresses.


Who is your favourite movie star?

Will Smith.


What about the fitness app you are planning to launch?

Yes, I’m a fitness enthusiast. So, I’m launching this app. It will be soon out next year.


What is your current relationship status?

I don’t even like to discuss my friends and family in the public arena leave alone discussing being in a relationship or not. I am a very private person that way.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I am a very moody person. So even I can’t predict. It all depends on the situation, time and place.


What sort of roles would you want to play?

Strong and empowered woman anytime! I would even like to play a character with grey shades and a certain element of badassery in her.


What are your future plans?

I like to live in the present moment. And it has been rightly said and I believe in it too, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” Because life never goes as per your plan.



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