It’s time to watch timeless Christmas movies

Jingle bells are almost here and so are our Christmas holidays. And most of us are busy doing shopping for our Christmas parties and for our friends and family members. As Christmas is all about having fun, doing shopping, decorating home or just relaxing and watching movies. Yes, you read it right ‘watching movies’. Just like many people you might be wondering that how one can watch movies at the time of Christmas instead of enjoying and doing party. Why not? If the series of movies are worth watching, then anyone can switch to movies from parties.


So loosen up yourself this Christmas vacations in the best Christmas movies.


The nightmare before Christmas



Leave it to the master of gloomy, Tim Burton who turns a Christmas movie into a phantom fest highlighting a zombie, vampires and skeleton singing. You will find charmingly written holiday music with a spooky twist along with the brilliant animation. This is a must watch movie for those who are animation lovers.


It’s a wonderful life



For those who have watched black and white movie and didn’t like them might think once before watching this movie but trust me this movie will surely be loved by you. Also, the movie has proved to be a timeless one since the time of its release. The movie’s main motive is to send the message to its viewers that love can make you richer not money.


Die hard



The movie is about the Christmas party in the office which is hijacked by few naughty terrorists. Then, from the rooftop they ascended machine gun clatter, and from down comes Bruce Willis to dish out butchery and splash. He makes a naughty yet nice list, then checks off each one, and starts to give Christmas presents to ruin the terrorist’s fun. Die hard is a complete action thriller along with a classic spin.


Home alone



It is the best Christmas flick of the era and if you have not watched this movie yet then you should watch this Christmas and incase you have already watched this movie, then you will surely watch it again.



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