The Jolly Judge

Be it his faultless comic timing as a judge in Jolly LLB or his slapstick comedy as a police officer in Barfi, this guy with every act, has got himself a foothold in the Bollywood industry. With a somewhat curious take on theatre, we caught up with actor-director Saurabh Shukla to discuss more on his upcoming projects.


Whether it’s films or theatre, you make sure to give us some master class performances. What has been your personal key to success?
Thanks for praising my contribution to Indian cinema. But I don’t think I have any key to whatever success I have. I enjoy doing what I do and there is no mysticism in that.


What is the most memorable and challenging incident of your career?
There have been many many incidents which are worth remembering. My first film “Bandit Queen” is quite close to my heart. Also, I was acting under Shekhar Kapoor’s direction, he demystified a lot of things in me and made my journey easy and helped a lot in where I’m today.



Tell us something about the script. How long did you work on it?
I have been working on the script for last 7 years. Almost a year and a half back it came to stage. Initially, I wrote it for a film. The stage version is quite different but the essence or soul of the story is the same.


Anyone in particular who has inspired you to be where you are today?

LIFE. I would say not one person has inspired me to be where I am today, it’s in fact a mixed bag of people that I met along the way.


What according to you is the relevance of theatre to the society?

It’s an important thing for the society. Theatre creates the platform for the society where you can practice and play, juggle and struggle with ideas. It’s not judgemental and gives everyone numerous chances to tell their part of stories.


What is your take on modern theatre?

Well, modern theatre is what resonating with time. A lot of people are doing great work.


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