She has a wicked wit

The Fukrey actress, Vishakha Singh is one hell of a woman. She is one with sass and class. She answered all our questions with extreme ease.


An actress, a producer, and a businesswoman. Where are you heading to?


World domination (haha). I am an explorer of possibilities. Acting is a hobby. Producing films gives me satisfaction. Being an entrepreneur is now an extension of all my cumulative leanings. It’s unlearning everything and chartering new territories. One that is giving me an all-time high. 


We are super excited to see all the Fukreys again in “Fukrey Returns”. Tell us about your role.


Well, I am reprising Neetu Mam, the sorted accounts teacher. It’s a small yet crisp role. The boys are in trouble again and she is there once again to lend support to her man, Zafar, played by Ali Fazal. My director has given Neetu’s character a whole new makeover. 


What was it about acting that made you think, this is where I belong?


I love acting. But it doesn’t consume me. The film industry is where I belong. I understand creating content and enjoy the creative process. 


Tell us about your business venture, IconicBot. 


It’s simple. We make artificial intelligence powered chatbots that connect celebrities with ALL their fans with one click. It is the best digital advertising tool that gives maximum ROI to any ad spend. IconicBOT offers celebrities and their fans multiple monetisation opportunities through creative and consistent engagement strategies. 


Our first client was the south Blockbuster Mersal. We outperformed our targets for the film. We have now signed up with 3 key film studios in both Mumbai as well as the southern film industry. And we are excited! 


Call me if you want more details!


Sure, we will. What has been the most inspiring filming experience so far?


My first film “Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey” where I played a freedom figure. It was exhausting and rewarding at the same time. Unfortunately, the film bombed and broke my heart. But gave me a great macro perspective on the industry. 


What have you found most challenging so far?


Multitasking! Especially in a startup. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming but when you see happy clients and your business idea is validated, it’s all worth it. 



What is one of your more embarrassing memories from childhood?


When I was made to cut my hair at the age of 10! We were visiting my native in U.P and the kids there teased me by calling me a boy! 


Awww... poor gal.  So what’s your status now? Are you single or seeing someone?


Seeing someone.


We would like to know the details...

Next time!


That’s not fair. Okay, tell us with what phrases have guys tried to woo you?


‘Hey’ at 11 pm.

Such a put off!


‘I love you... will you marry me??


Four qualities you are looking for in a man.


  1. Integrity 
  2. Loving 
  3. Calm demeanour 
  4. Loves to travel 
  5. Gives me space 


What’s your idea of a fun date?


Keep it simple. Don’t try too hard. Have a good conversation and I am sure I will have fun. Cuddle. Watch TV Order pizza. Make out = FUN (haha)


Rapid fire


Cookies or cake?



Witches or wizards?



Weird or crazy?



Leather or lace?



Clean shaven or facial hair? 




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