Hollywood celebrities are proudly representing India!

Our old scriptures are becoming the life of new trends in Hollywood. Firangis are getting attached with Indian Scripture by inking them on their body permanently.


It is well known that Indian culture is the foundation of the western culture. As we all know most of the western language words have come from Indian scriptures and its language Sanskrit. With the rising knowledge of Indian scriptures in the western culture many Hollywood celebs are getting Indian culture inked on their body in the form of Sanskrit words, prayer, scriptures, gods, etc. 


Here are the Hollywood celebrities who are supporting our profound languages: Sanskrit and Hindi in the form of tattoos.


David Beckham

The foot ball titan David Beckham has inked his wife’s name in Hindi on his left arm. Now isn’t it incredible?



Miley Cyrus

Known for peculiar costumes and bold avatars, Miley Cyrus, got inked ‘Om’ on her wrist which is the Holy sign related to Lord Shiva.



Russell Brand

After living the drug addicted life, Russell Brand restored himself by meditating and joining ‘Hare Krishna Group’. Also he got married as per the Hindu traditions. And he got inked with Sanskrit line on his bicep which means ‘Go with the flow’.



Katy Perry

The singer Katy Perry also got inked with Sanskrit line on her bicep which means ‘Go with the flow’.



Adam Levine

Known as women heartthrob, Adam Levine got inked on his chest with Sanskrit word ‘Tapas’ which means ‘Meditation’.



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