Streetwear STAYS HIGH

The brilliant Rapper Badshah has an inimitable sagacity when it comes to making style statements. Now you can do more than just look up to him, you can dress like him, too. The artist talks to FHM India about his latest collection “Badfit.”



We saw your first collection online and were intrigued by the style – it has a range of cool hip outfits. How did you infuse your own taste into the collection?

I’m an artist and I have a lot of ideas in my mind. I love clothes, especially high fashion streetwear. Whatever I design is my own interpretation of streetwear. I’m highly influenced by the biggest street labels throughout the world and eventually want to be counted one amongst them.


What encouraged you to launch your own clothing line? Why apparel brand?

A huge gap of a streetwear brand in the Indian market encouraged me to actually launch one. Its extremely premium quality products that are being made available at a highly reasonable price to the Indian market. Surprisingly, people abroad too have shown great interest in the clothing which is encouraging.I love apparels, that’s why apparels, but the interest is not limited to just that category. I plan to launch a lot of stuff in the near future revolving around the cult I represent. But the ideology would be the same; high quality at a reasonable price!


Tell us more how you chose this name Badfit?

Badfit is derived from the word Misfit. And a misfit is someone who doesn’t fit in the society and Badfit represents a culture, a cult of people who are misplaced in the society. I’m a musician, and I was in an Engineering college which made me a ‘bad fit’ there but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have any skill set. I come across a lot of people who are very talented or are meant to excel in a particular field but are doing something totally different that doesn’t match their skill set; they are misplaced in a certain section of society. That’s the idea behind brand Badfit. It represents this cult and the culture.


Who is it aimed at and how affordable is it?

The brand is aimed at the Youth, especially the section which is growing up and finding their own place in the society. Teenagers in schools, colleges; growing up and finding their identity. I know that students need to spend their money very wisely, thus we kept the pricing affordable enough so everyone could experience Badfit. I have put in a lot of effort, time, my vision and hard work in this project so I’d love to see everyone experience this styling, quality, and statement!


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