Vacation Wear Trends

With the vacation period right around the corner, people across the world are flooding the stores trying the find the right vacation look for warm climates, as they hope to avoid the harshness of winters and escape to one of Earth’s paradises. For any vacation, be it to a hot climate or a cold one, there are several essentials one needs to take.


For any warm climate outings, knee-high shorts are in red-hot demand as big fashion houses continue to push shorts as staple clothing for men. Pair any such shorts with a loose fitting half sleeve shirt, a nice pair of sneakers, and shades, and you are good to go. Any warm climate outing would also require you to show off your swimsuit and innerwear wardrobe. Speedos and tight innerwear are a definite no-no. Instead, try to find boxer shorts like swimsuits with colourful designs and contrasts.


Innerwear don’t usually see the light of the day but when you are out on the beach, playing sports and running around, flashes of your innerwear are sure to be seen by bystanders, so why not give them something to admire. Innerwear industry lacks the variety in design as most fashion houses propagate a two-colour innerwear with the brand’s name on the waistband, hoping that their reputable name would somehow make up for the mundane design of the innerwear. Instead, try fresh innerwear brands which put in real thought in the design.



Fresh innerwear brands are one of the brands which focus on vibrant waistbands for innerwear. So whenever you bend, move, run, or jump and the band of your innerwear is visible, it will be a sight to see.


Beyond this, sunscreen is a must for any warm-weather outing, preferably SPF 25 and over. Always remember that sunscreen not only protects you from a tan but from harmful UV rays of the sun and one would be considered smart not to dismiss such an important protection.


For cold climate outings, always remember that the most important article of clothing is your outwear. Be it a bomber jacket, or a coat, or even a hoodie, make sure you pick what would go on all kinds of clothing.


 By Yogesh Kabra, Founder of XYXX



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