What you sweater says about you?

Did you know that our favourite things also set a perception about us that gives glimpse to others about our personality? Similarly our winter fashion, especially in terms of sweaters which has become most top picks these days, also have some interesting opinions on our personalities, which one should know and choose sweaters accordingly.



Classic Knit

Regardless of gender, men and women both wear this style. This style simply means that you are a lover of timeless fashion. Anyone wearing this style of sweater represents a reflection of classy personality.




It is warm yet smart looking sweater which simply reflects that you are one of the elegant people. Moreover this style is one of much loved styles.




Other than the fact that turtle neck sweaters keep warm, they are also in trend. This style reflects that you love to be fashionable. Also it makes you look a romantically warm person.




People with artistic taste love vintage trend. It reflects that the person has a creative and artistic mind. Moreover vintage style gives quite a formal yet informal look.



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