FHM Diva- It's Great to Be a Man

She loves us as much as we do. So lads, please welcome the woman we love, Pallavi Sharda!


FHM: Hello, Pallavi. Welcome back! How does it feel to be back in FHM?

Pallavi: It’s always so great to be featured in FHM, a magazine that knows how to celebrate the sensual side of women, and our sense of humour (smiles).



We feel there is some connection between us. What do you say?
I love a meaningful interview, and you guys are always the best at getting down and dirty. My first ever magazine spread was in FHM when I was very new to this town. You guys really know how to spot talent (winks)!


The last time we spoke, you were single. What’s the status now?
I am single, but then there are these two guys - Ben and Jerry’s, who keep me busy with their gooey sweetness after a long hard day.


And what are the other crazy things you’ve been doing all this while?
When I haven’t been shooting I have been taking off and dancing my heart out in all corners of the world - beaches in Goa, Balinese villages, sunrise in Burma, in underground New York theatres and in front of my bedroom mirror as usual.


How passionate are you about driving?
I grew up in a driving city and learnt very young. It gives me so much freedom. I love the feeling of control behind the wheel. It’s one of my favourite things to do.

And what do you like the least about traveling?
Ah! When it deprives me of sleep and takes me away from the people I love.

What cars do you own? And what about your dream car?
I own an HM ambassador. My dream car is my ambassador that has constantly functioning parts.

What is your most impressive car repair skill?
Refilling a fuel tank. I can do it with such panache. You have to see it to believe it!



What is the longest stretch that you’ve driven?
I recently drove across three countries - from Delhi to Bangkok through Myanmar. It was incredible. The landscape was incredible and so varied. My favourite part was descending the mountains from Nagaland towards the India-Burma border. I have also driven on route 66 across the southern belt of the USA from Atlanta to Phoenix – and both drives were incredible. I would love to do the Silk Route next and actually hone some motorcycle skills.

If you had to live in one of the places you’ve visited on vacation which one would be your first choice?
Bali. I would love to live in nature and in Bali I can swim in waterfalls and do yoga on mountains whenever I like. But I also love European cities like Paris. It’s hard to choose. Jet set suits me pretty well.

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