FHM Diva: Ridhima Pandit

FHM: Hello, Robo Rajni! What crazy things have you been doing recently?
Ridhima: Well, I have been doing strength training these days! I am doing Pilates and wanting to learn how to play an instrument, take singing classes and travel the world... The last three are still pending though! I just shot for a Marathi film which will release by this year end. I also shot for a web series where I am playing a character with different shades of grey!


We don’t know much about you. Enrich us, please. 
I am born and brought up in Mumbai. I come from a very modest, disciplined, yet a very cosmopolitan background. Being the youngest, I am the most pampered one in the family. I was an average student and was always interested in extra-curricular activities. I have done my majors in sociology and post-graduation in event management. I was a part of Mrs Nadira Babbar’s theatre group, Ekjute. Then I completely quit acting and decided to take up a corporate job in the form of an artist manager for close to three years, but my mind was unable to rest. I then decided to take up acting again but I gave myself 6 months while retaining my job and had decided if nothing happens I will abandon my acting dreams. But God had better plans for me.



As kids, we used to love rains. Did you too try to make paper boats and float them in streams? 
Oh, yes! I have done all that, swam in puddles, went cycling with friends, made paper boats and danced on the roof top!


Do you have any special monsoon memory you’d like to share?
Rains always make me nostalgic. I reminisce my childhood days as that was the time my school used to reopen and I would get to make new friends in school. Plus it’s extremely romantic and I feel like taking off somewhere scenic with the special one.


Do you miss the days when you used be a model?
Yes, those days had a different charm and different struggle. It taught me how to deal with rejection. I did close to hundred ads and I still get a lot of calls for ads, but now they are in the form of endorsements.


So, which one remains your favourite ad?
My favourite commercials are many, but the one I distinctly remember was for Dove. It was the first time I faced the camera. It was special and I remember being very nervous. I think I gave some 50 takes.


How would you rate your lovemaking skills? 
I believe in love and not war (haha)! I think I would rate myself a straight ten on ten!


What’s your most embarrassing sexual moment?
Well, I have never really had one, but yes, one thing I would like to advice here is that try your hand at pole dancing under supervision, please (haha)!


What’s the weirdest sexual fantasy you have overheard? 
How about a Harry Potter themed fantasy! It’s so weird to club a fantasy with your favourite childhood character. “No Harry Potter, you can’t do this to me!” 


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