Exam Season- Sweating in cold

Just after all the zest and fest do you know what comes? It’s exam! Hah…


While we all are gearing up for our Christmas Eve and New Year plans, our universities have plans for us in the form of solid exams and question papers. And that’s the time when we all feel that we have wasted our time partying.  While enjoying, we all are aware about the upcoming ghost aka exams but still tend to be in a vacation mood. Such thick skin we are! Here are some funny yet serious things that we all do in our exams season.


Calling up friends



We keep calling and messaging our friends just to know how they are preparing for the exams and are they done with difficult chapters and so on and so forth. We are eager to compete with our friends no matter how much bad or good they are in studies. And if a friend has covered more than you then your night is gone!


Buying all the books and guides



 Though, we all know that we cannot study all the books and guides but the exam fear made us buy all the crap. Nevertheless, still we go out of the way to find last year question papers just to have an idea about the last year exams. 


Studying chapters that carry highest marks



We always start studying whenever exams are on the edge. Most of us consider studying only those chapters which contains highest marks. And that’s it!


At last only prayers work!



Nothing can make us religious but exams. Everybody turn towards god and prayer continuously just to get the passing marks. After all the useless thoughts and efforts we put our faith just in god. Such useless fellas are we!


Get ready to feel the funny trauma of exams which is waiting for you just after your festive season. Good Luck peeps!!!


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