Glamour and flair reaching new heights

With the advent of Ritambhara this fall, get ready to witness glamour and flair reaching new heights.  Already counted amongst the top fashion advocates of the country, Ritambhara showcases more than 250 fashionistas and designers in a three days gala de mode.  This time Ritambhara will see integration of fashion, joy and elation derived from its mother host Antaragni celebrating its 52nd anniversary as “Suits of Euphoria”, while retaining its glory of defining and redefining fashion, of not only the following fashion but being fashion, as the name suggests “Ritambhara, I am Fashion”.



Ritambhara is everything a fashionholic might ever dream of. Starting off as a dream of a small group of fashion freaks in 1964, Ritambhara stands as one of the largest fashion event of North India in its 54th edition. Ritambhara provides a platform to designers and models alike to showcase their talent and skill through several competitive events on various themes. It is not only one of the oldest fashion events of India but also one of the most sought-after fashion competition for fashion students and enthusiasts of the country.



Ritambhara is a non-profit event run by the students of IIT Kanpur. It is for those who believe that fashion is way more than clothing style and make-up. It’s a way of life. It is for those who don’t change themselves to fit the fashion but change the fashion to fit them because here at Ritambhara, we believe that it’s your style that defines you. Ritambhara better known for its glamour and charisma among judges and fashionistas aims to redefine fashion in a way the fashion mogul Coco Chanel had quoted, “I don’t do fashion, I am Fashion”.



Ritambhara attracts people from all across the country, be it the shores of Goa or the hills of Shillong. A crowd of 20,000 standing there, calling out your name, pumping your spirits and you standing there chauvinistically in the blaze of glory. Does that give you chills? If yes then this is the place for you. The grounds of Ritambhara is waiting for the likes of you.



About Ritambhara 2016 : The 53rd edition of Ritambhara was held from October 20 to October 22, 2016. Amassing a footfall of over 5000 people, the event demonstrated immense glamour, especially in terms of fashion acumen. With over 14 colleges participating in 3 mega-events, spanning 3 days, the crowd experienced intense competition and quality like never before. The fashion event was graced by eminent personalities of the fashion world namely Ms. Anukriti Gusain (Miss Asia Pacific 2014), Mr. Hemant Sud (Managing Editor & Publisher, Abraxas Lifestyle), Mr. Yogesh Chaudhary (Designer, Surendri) and Ms. Tanya Mahendra (Blogger, Fashion Oomph) , which added to overall spectacle of the nights. Furthermore, the first round of team contest was performed by Mad Boy Mink, a well-known pop-duo artist, much to the awe of the witnessing crowd. ‘Funk Night’, as the entire event, was called, impressed and was applauded the judges and students alike.


The 54th edition of Ritambhara will be held from 26th to 28th of October, 2017. With the themes Edgy Grunge and Accio Futuro, Ritambhara is ready again to redefine the fashion in a new way. The three-day event consists of events like Ritambhara Prelims, Ritambhara Finale, Impressionate. A brief description of the Events of Ritambhara’17.


Ritambhara Prelims: Marks the beginning of Ritambhara, held on the very first day of the festival, where participants from various colleges compete to get into the final round, the event is a closed-door event, judged by a special jury.


Ritambhara Finals: The qualified teams compete further where the one with most exuberance is declared the winner, and the next one with most panache is titled, runner-ups. Along with this, the best performing models are titled Mr. and Ms. Ritambhara, which have perks of their own.


Mr. and Ms. Impresionante:  While the previous events were team events, Impresionante is an individual event, where all models are allowed to transcend their vigour.

Participants are judged based on their elegance, performance, and sensuousness, and the decision of the judge is final.


And after all, this, even if our glory does not attract you then this definitely will. The winners are given a lifetime opportunity to work with their mentors, a life-changing step in their fashion career.




First Prize : Rs 35,000

Second Prize : Rs 20,000

Dream ons

For models (1 male and 1 female)

  1. Entry to the final round of Impresionante.
  2. Title of Mr. and Ms. Ritambhara.
  3. Modelling assignments or portfolio shoots under renowned people of the industry.

For Designers

  1. Title of the best designer.
  2. Cash Prize of Rs.10,000.
  3. Internship under renowned fashion designer.




Apart from this, a new event Diseñador has been added to Ritambhara for the first time. The designer is the heart and soul of a fashion show. The aura and the flair of a model is because of her designer only. So here is an event for all the prospective fashion designers out there. Diseñador provides an opportunity to design an entire wardrobe along with the accessories to accentuate the model and bring out the characters of your dream.




First prize - Rs 12,000

Second Prize : Rs 8,000

Dream Ons :-

  1. Designers of the winning team will get an internship at a prestigious fashion firm and the models will get VLCC vouchers.
  2. The best 3 designs along with the photo shoot, will feature on a renowned media platform.



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