6 Ways to De-Stress at Work

Give time to yourself Try getting up early enough so you can have a leisurely breakfast before beginning your day. Once you arrive at work, take another few minutes to sip a cup of tea or coffee before diving into your work. On the way home, stop by the coffee room before you get into your car and just sit quietly with a drink for a few minutes before heading home. Plan ahead Leave home 30 minutes earlier than normal. Studies find that the less sense urgency or worry about being late, you have, the less stressed out you’ll feel. Equip yourself Load your workplace with a spill-proof coffee cup filled with your favorite brew. A bag of nonperishable snacks (try protein bars, dried fruit, juice boxes or bottled water, pretzels) in case you get caught working through your breaks. Remember, not eating affects your blood sugar. Stay hydrated Keep a water bottle with you. Use it to keep water on your desk all day long. This ensures you stay hydrated with a healthy, non calorie liquid vs. sugar-filled sodas, juices or sports drinks, hence making sure the metabolism is at work all day. Stretch Sitting all day long on your seat can make your body stiff. Lift your legs up and stretch them for 30 seconds. This movement reduces the risk of blood clots from sitting too long in one position. Also put one arm behind your neck and stretch it by holding on to the elbow with the opposite arm. Switch sides. Stay motivated Keep a family photo, your dream car or something to remind you of your next vacation on your desk. Look at it when you need a boost of motivation or a smile and let the energy flow. Breathe easy Taking deep breathes are known to de-stress the body and release stress. After a stressful meeting, sit on your seat and breathe in and out slowly for five minutes. Not only will this help you de-stress, it will also make you feel much at peace with yourself. - By Nishant Nayyar

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