VOTE: Who Did You Find The Sexiest In 2014?


Well, 2014 is about to end and many men charmed you with their looks while others became bachelor again. Some are dating hot women while some are well past the age of being a hunk. FHM has listed all of them in the most democratic voting ever done after the Election Commission, of course.

For the first time, we are ready to crown one man the Bachelor of the year along with our partners Axe Signature collection, Lawmanpg3, Hard Rock Cafe and NDTV Good Times. There are many contenders for the glorious post but only one man gets the cake.

We are even giving you options of picking 5 different men. Or go vote for the same 5 times! Isn't it great?

So, instead of getting jealous of these hunks, vote for them and find out in our next issue for the FHM BOY 2014.

Who will it be? Virat Kohli? Hrithik Roshan? Narendra Modi? Vote now.

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