Adam Levine Artistry

Screaming fans and mind-blowing performances, Adam Levine has been giving rocking voice goals to us.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, this guy is undoubtedly giving the world oozes since he has become a public figure. Right from his singing to his style, Adam has everything different with a common approach. Adam’s music can rock the world and can stay in the mind and hearts for a lifetime.


His qualities inspire lots of people but did you know what captures Adam’s attention towards music and how his artistry journey started? I bet very few of you know! So, those who are still unaware like I was, please read.


Ten years before when he first started playing guitar, he came to know that music is a passage for his feelings. He was madly in love with his guitar since his first pick.


At the age of 12, he performed at The Troubadour as a Professional Gig. Throughout the childhood, his musical influences were quite wide which consisted of Pearl Jam, The Beatles, Alice in Chains, Fleetwood Mac, The Who and many more. With his age, his influences had also grown and contained Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson and Al Green to name a few from his chosen ones.


What inspires him to pursue more soulful voice was the song "Are You That Somebody?" by Aaliyah.


His popularity took him to New York where he worked with Soul Music, Hip-Hop, R&B, and gospel. After moving to New York, he adapted to a new style of singing and music very wonderfully which also counts as a big reason behind his success.


With the growing status and his known inspirations, Adam started his own band called Maroon 5 and now has become an inspiration to so many.



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