Dwayne Johnson: A Chivalrous Gentleman

Our all-time favourite Dwayne Johnson, the bodybuilder Hollywood actor and ex WWE has so much passion for work out that he carries 18,000 kg of gym equipments to anywhere he travels (can you beat that!!).   


The Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson is really disciplined and a hard worker in terms of fitness. And we all are sure that such classy body is never made in months but it really takes years.As his twitter profile says “Chivalrous Gentleman”, Johnson is indeed a fitness ardour and makes sure about his daily workout happens on time. He calls his travelling gym as “The Iron’s Paradise”.


Recently, the Skyscraper actor recently gave a sneak peak to his followers of the “Iron Paradise”. On the last day of the shoot, he thanked his crew heartedly for setting up his travelling carnival (or equipment). He says “ 40,000lbs of steel and iron. I can maintain and build upon an insane work schedule, but only due to having my anchor ready to go every morning at 5 am”.



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Even for the Skyscraper, Johnson thanked his crew for the support he received from the crew in order to get into such an intense character.



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Other than Skyscraper, the actor has Jumanji coming up in  December 2017, Skyscraper and Rampage in 2018.


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