Emma Stone- Girl of the Era!

For all the good reasons, Emma has become one of the most demanded and highly paid actresses of the Hollywood. Her skills and flair to indulge in any role is as amazing as her beauty. Everybody knows that she is the most demanded actress but nobody knows the reason behind it. And FHM India has come up with the reason behind her claim for fame.


1. Crazy stupid love

With this studio flick in 2011, Emma transitioned her teenage role to adult rom-com. Her performance in this movie was outstanding which made her more iconic.



2. The Zombieland

In the movie, she played con-artist Breslin’s elder sister role and showed off her comedic chops. Packed up with incredibly funny casts and nonsensical jokes, the flick got the admiring reviews from the critics. In this, Emma completely rocked with her funny performance.



3. The Amazing Spider-Man

Though the last two installments of the Spiderman series did not get much appreciation as the first one, Emma’s performance in the movie got wonderful reviews from the audience.



4. Superbad

The movie was her debut movie and her role in the movie also was not that big but her acting made her role memorable.



So, Emma has nothing less than best acting skills through which she has made a place in the hearts of her viewers.


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