A new way to cook

If you are into podcasts you must have heard of Blue Apron advertisement spot somewhere or other. The idea is simple, they’ll provide you the ingredients and instructions, and all you have to do is make it.  It is not only cheaper but also the best way to learn how to cook for novices.



Now many restaurateurs are bringing this service to India amongst them is Groctaurant. As the name suggests it is a mix of Groceries and Restaurant. We decided to try out this service in our spare time and were pleasantly surprised. But before I give this service a shining review let me be honest and tell you that I know how to cook.



If you order a few dishes from Groctaurant and what you’ll get is a recipe kit. That will have all the ingredients you’ll need to put the dish together. Along with that, you’ll get is instructions booklet in the outer pocket of the recipe kit. Everything inside the recipe kit will be numbered and the instructions will be your step by step guide for putting the dish together.


The ingredients will have a mix of half cooked and fresh ingredients. For me, the whole process took less than ten minutes. For you, if you are starting up the process might take a few minutes more. I found this a great way to cook really tasty food and enjoy it on a budget.



Groctaurant is soon going to be available in Delhi NCR on iOS and Android, you can even call them and order food from there comprehensive menu which includes Italian, Indian, Thai and Chinese.  Just go to their website www.groctaurant.com or reach them on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groctaurant/

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