Ciclo pronounced as ‘Cheekloh’, which literally means cycling in Spanish, is a cycling themed café. Its aim is to bring bicycling enthusiast under one roof and raise awareness about the cycling lifestyle. But its strong suit is its food. We feasted there and tried not to eat our fingers, and sort of succeeded.


The first thing you notice when standing in front of Ciclo is that large ‘Ordinary Bicycle’. It is so impressive that you can’t help but take a moment to look at. When we entered the café a country song with a guitar riff was just ending. A couple of waiters rushed to us and guided us to a large table. On the way, we noticed more cycles. These ones were modern, with gears and other impressive bits. Cycling paraphernalia dominated the whole restaurant. Even the chandelier over our heads was made out of a cycle wheel.

Just when things started to feel a bit cycling crazy, Chef Mrinmoy, the man behind the Ciclo Café menu, made his way to our table. After a brief introduction, he inquired about our preference in food. We decided to play coy and replied with a line from the Pixar animation Ratatouille, and said, “Surprise us, chef!”


He chuckled and walked away. We took that time to get the story behind Ciclo. The café is a brainchild of Arun Alaggappan and Ashish Thadani, both of them are cycling enthusiast and believe in good food and healthy lifestyle. They started the Ciclo in Chennai 2015 and decided to merge cycles, cycling merchandise, lifestyle with amazing food.

Before we could go any further, our waitress connected us with the C.E.O. himself and served us with our first dish ‘Onion Rings stuffed with broccoli and mushroom served with homemade Mayonnaise’. While we munched Ashish Thadani explained that they opened the first outlet and because of the reception they got they decided to venture out to Hyderabad and now to Gurgaon. And they are hoping to open a new restaurant in Bangalore in the next few months.


Chef Mrimoy peeped in then and decided we had talked enough. Out came a plethora of dishes as we looked on with wide eyes. The food ranged from authentic ‘Bombay Vada Pao’ in bite size to the confounding yet amazingly delicious ‘Boneless Chicken Wings’.

The conversation died almost instantly and before we could wolf down our appetizers came one of the stars of our chef, the ‘Ravioli of Artichoke’. The dish is a visual treat, striped orange and green, served with a creamy white sauce and garnished with a cherry tomato and twisty bread. The ravioli just melts in your mouth. Then there was the ‘Goan Chorizo Pizza’ with a topping of French Fries and onions.


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