Conquer the stress, switch to yumminess!

If you're suffering from anxiety and stress or you feel like nothing can take the edge off, and at the same time it's becoming difficult to relieve yourself, then choose your food wisely. As there are few foods which you should not eat and few which you should eat to keep the stress at bay.


Eating food can actually help you to de-stress your mind, but there are certain vitamins and minerals that can help you to release stress, leading to a happy feeling and moreover, they all are easily available at your nearest grocery store.


Here's what to avoid the next time when you're stressed—and other stress releasing foods to reach for instead.


Skip that tempting ice-cream: Most of us always reach out to the tempting ice-cream when in stress. But do you know how it works, when in stress? Sugar upsurges your glucose and cortisol level.


Switch to yogurt and berries instead: Relish the creaminess of plain low-fat yogurt, as it is a wonderful medium of energising calcium and protein and can help your body to feel-good. Adding berries with yogurt can work wonder as it has a mega dose of stress releasing antioxidants and can develop your immune system as well.




Skip those soda drinks: A regular habit of drinking soda is like eating sugar cubes directly. According to studies, the artificial sweeteners may kick gut bacteria in the form of diabetes and obesity.


Switch to green tea: Green tea helps one to relish a focused calm. Green tea is not only a good source to keep stress away but can help you lose weight.




Skip oily fries: Fries are little more than greasy fat and may be trans fat, which can lead to higher rate of depression.


Switch to sweet potatoes: Sweet potatoes are a power house of nutrients and fiber which can help you feel good.




Skip granola bar: Most of the granola bars are just candy bars which are full of sugar. And as mentioned above sugar plays a damaging role in stress.


Switch to nuts & seeds: Fill a bowl with the combo of almonds, cashews, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and pistachios, which can work as a power package of fiber, antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acid – thus helping you to release stress.



So, from next time do little changes in your diet and sense the happiness in your life.

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