Feast like a shogun

Sakura is a Japanese restaurant in the Metropolitan hotel in New Delhi. It serves up authentic Japanese food in the lap of luxury. We ate our lunch there and were pleasantly surprised with the overall experience.


Think about chewing down some tempura with tempura sauce and grated radish. Or
wolfing down a bowl of blanched and then sautéed Edamame after dipping it in soy sauce and coating it in wasabi along with authentic Japanese beer. You could be forgiven to think that this was happening in Japan, but it isn’t. You can enjoy this experience in Delhi at the Sakura restaurant, near Bangla Sahib.



The attention to detail in the food is so impressive that it actually makes you take a step back in awe. Everything from the tempura batter, to the Soya Bean for Edamame
and even the sea salt has been imported from Japan. When we asked about it, Sakura‘s manager proudly told us that they manage all this with their arrangement with Japanese Airlines. Who ferry their fresh ingredients from Japan every few days.



Impressive as that sound, it is not at all impressive as the fact that 3 months back Sakura changed its menu with a many more options for vegetarians while keeping their food authentic. Why is it so amazing? That is because Japanese cuisine is predominantly fish and rice. Even when they stray away from that, they keep their proteins nonvegetarian. They mostly replace the fish with beef or meats like the octopus.


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