Kinbuck 2- A story of twists and turns!

Kinbuck 2 started out as a Roman Bistro but just like Rome, it is evolving under the supervision of Chef Peter Gomes. Its eye catching food and signature drinks are redefining a good time for their patrons, young and old alike.


Rome was the original cosmopolitan city. It took in people from Britannia, Greece, Egypt and even India at its peak and, that reflected in its normal day life. Kinbuck 2 seems to be carrying forward that in its food and drink. Take for example, one of their signature cocktails, the Rosy Cooler, it is made from infusing the Mediterranean herb rosemary with fresh orange juice and vodka.


The cosmopolitan theme continues in their food like in their Soya Mirchi Kabab. As the name suggests it is a soya kabab but is stuffed with molten cheese and spices. The result is a creamy dish which took our breaths away. Similarly their Dahi ke Kebab, which is made of hung curd, had an explosion of cardamom and cashews which took us to a different, more Arabic route.


The closest we came to a stock dish in appetizers was their Fish Fingers, in which the fish was breaded a little too graciously and served with fresh tartar sauce. But even here they had a twist in the form of fries coated with cilantro to perfection.



The main course was similarly full of surprises. Their Olive Chilli Naan was amazing and the infusion of a Greek Italian element left us moaning for more. However, the Paneer Hara Dhania served with bread was soft but, couldn’t stand a chance in front of the naan. The non-vegetarian option of Chicken Stroganoff was creamy and full of bell pepper, zucchini, and mushrooms but was a tadover seasoned. The sad bit about this dish was the chicken. It was done just on the far side of perfect and was a little too chewy.


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